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casino Oct 26, 2017


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By: Fortunejack Team

A pastime once strongly associated with men, gambling and the online gaming industry has become vastly more inclusive in 2017. In fact, research shows that today women make up approximately 41% of all online gamblers, and growing figures are set to tip the balance as the industry expands.

68% of women in the UK participated in gambling activities in 2012, and female online gamblers have also spurred the growth of social games like bingo and sports betting. An increment in women gamblers has increased of gambling app downloads because, research shows, more females prefer online gambling to traditional gambling.


FortuneJack predicts that in the future, social gambling is expected to be a significant market driver, mainly because of the rise of female online gamblers. Here are other market insights about the trends in female online gambling.


Games that Women Play Most:

  1. Online bingo – 42%
  2. Sports betting – 58.5%
  3. Online slots – 29.8%


While games with high skill, like sports betting and online poker, have traditionally been dominated by male bettors, the research found sports betting to be the second most attractive choice for female players, revealing a more competitive side for women gamblers.


Are Women More Competitive?


The increasing number of female gamblers taking up sports betting has spurred the growth of the game, making it extremely popular for other online gamblers. The ability to make quick decisions, take chances and calculate risks all adds to the competitive nature of sports betting, which is appealing to an increasingly large number of women.

Why do women enjoy gambling online?

With most online gamblers playing in the comfort of their own home, female online gamblers are most likely to gamble using a tablet, and one of the reasons could be the ease of use and comfort of using a mobile device at home.


Revenue for mobile gambling is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 43.08% regarding total annual wagers over the period 2014-2019.


Famous Female Poker Gamblers


Poker is one of the games showing the quickest change in demographics. With more women gambling than before, trends show more women flock to poker these days, and both table poker and online poker are popular among female bettors.


Top female poker players include:


  • Vanessa Selbst - the highest earning female poker player of all time, Selbst has earned over $11.6m in her career.
  • Kathy Liebert – this Tennessee born poker player has earned more than $5.5m in total winnings.
  • Vanessa Rousso – practicing online until she was of-age to bet professionally, Rousso has made more than $3m in tournament winnings.

Not only are women paving a way for themselves in the gambling arena, but the industry is wising up to the notions that women are just as good, if not better, at gambling. The Match Indian Poker League has even committed to making space for a female poker player in every team. This indicates that other tournaments, and casinos online, are likely to see similar trends in the rise of women players.


From strategic games like poker, to social gambling online with bingo and slots, the number of female gamblers will continue to rise, particularly as more gambling operators start waking up to the trend of monetising their games in a social way.


So, if you’re into social and competitive gambling, be sure to check out a variety of slots, poker, and dice games offered by FortuneJack.